Best of Brant | Chicken Wings

With the massive variety of flavours, chicken wings are a staple when eating out with a group of friends or family. Not everyone likes the same flavour, so there's something for everyone. Famous for being available at pizza places, chicken wings are also a great treat to have at pubs. Brant County has many places that offer great chicken wings, and here are three of the best.

The St. George Arms offers wings, and it is one of their specialties. As a pub, they are the perfect side with a pint of beer. Known for having very saucy wings - you will get a little sauce on your face - the taste makes it all worth it. All of the traditional flavours are offered, served with veggies and blue cheese. You can also add their special “dragon sauce” on the side to dip your wings. Located in the heart of St. George, you will not be disappointed with their savoury, saucy wings.

Stromboli’s Brick Oven Pizza is one of the best places to get wings in the city of Brantford. A take-out only facility located on King George Road, you can enjoy any of the traditional flavours as well as cajun, salt & pepper, and Texas gold offered in three different levels of heat. With great prices, you can order as little as 6, or feed a group of people by ordering 24. The staff is very accommodating to your flavour choices and grouping on your order.

Located on Rest Acres Road in Paris, Legends Taphouse and Grill offers the best wings in Paris. With over 15 flavour choices, Legends is a great place to sit down and experience new flavours and get reacquainted with old favourites. Every Wednesday, wings are half price, which is even more incentive to bring friends along.

Wherever you are in Brant County, you’re bound to find a place that makes great wings, but these are definitely three you should check out. They are the Best of Brant.