Best of Brant | Craft Beer

Brantford has seen a culinary shift in recent years, and that enthusiasm and creativity has made its way into the local craft brewery scene in Brant County. Between the friendly staff and the great tasting flavours, you have several breweries throughout the county to choose from.

Bell City Brewing Company, located near the Lynden Park Mall in Brantford, is continuing a history of breweries in Brantford that started in 1845. With fresh food and entertainment, Bell City Brewing Company is one of the highlights of Brantford whether you’re visiting or just want to have a great night out with friends and family. If you find one of the flavours they offer that you enjoy, they also offer free delivery, which is a bonus for when you’re hosting a gathering at your home.

Located in West Brant in Brantford, Mash Paddle offers a family atmosphere. Being the first craft brewery in Brantford, it is one that many people check out because of the welcoming staff and the fact that you can bring food from local restaurants to eat while you taste different flavours.

The newest craft brewery in Brant County, Flux Brewing Company, is located in Scotland, just outside of Brantford. What sets Flux apart from the other breweries in the county, aside from their delicious flavours, is the food truck at the back of the establishment. The food truck, Tacos vs. Ice Cream, rotates its menu with exciting and new food for anyone to enjoy. The beer flavours are rotated as well, which can give you a new experience every time you visit.

Whether you want to stay inside the city of Brantford, or want to venture out to Brant County, you have at least these three options for all your craft brewing fun. These places allow you to try new flavours of craft beer, see live entertainment and have a great night or weekend day out with your family members or friends.

Brantford and the rest of Brant County are constantly growing, may it be in the multicultural level or the levels of craft beer flavours. Our local breweries will be one of the reasons you’ll want to move here.