Best of Brant | Family Activities

Brant County has no shortage of destinations that bring families together when going on outings. From picking apples to hayrides, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Two locations that are always at the top of everyone's list would have to be Brantwood Farms and Brantview Apples and Cider. Both places offer unique activities that can make an outing turn into an adventure creating memories that your family will look back on for years to come.

Brantwood Farms

 A family farm that began in 1891, Brantwood Farms is a staple for fresh fruit and fall festivals. Whether you want to pick your own apples or get scared on the haunted hayride, October is a great month to visit the farm. There is also a corn maze, a straw castle, and friendly farm animals.

Throughout the rest of the year, you can pick your own strawberries and pumpkins. Whatever the family doesn't grow, they source from local farmers. And if you can't pick it in the fields you are sure to get it in the store. Packed with local produce, you will also find jellies and jams, homemade pies, and treats, all made with the local produce.

The atmosphere is always warm and inviting. Be sure to add Brantwood Farms to your list of places to visit. 


Brantview Apple & Cider

Who doesn't love a nice warm mug of apple cider on a chilly fall day? At Brantview Apples & Cider, you can get a fresh cup while you peruse the store, where you can purchase apples, hard or soft cider, donuts, and many other tasty treats.

You can also enjoy apple picking with your family while you're visiting the 200-year-old farm and possibly try making some apple cider of your own. The farm and store, located in St. George, is an excellent outing for the whole family. This colourful and inviting farm is also a great place to take pictures.