Hometown Hero | Rockstar Calls Brantford His Home

Music is a language we all speak, and for Greg Fritz Hinz, it allowed him to tour all across Europe and after having years of experience under his belt, come back home to Brantford and teach drums to those who want to learn the instrument that brought, and continues to bring him so much joy in his life.

Born in Hespeler, a suburb in Cambridge, Ontario, Greg found Brantford to be a nice quiet town by the water and moved here when he was a young adult. He has lived here ever since. At a young age, he fell in love with the drums and after spending seven years with the band Starchild, touring the east coast, he didn’t feel like he was going to go anywhere.

Stumbling upon the band Helix, who was represented by the same people as Starchild, Greg drove down to Windsor for an audition and got the part as their drummer. Within six months, Helix was opening for Kiss on the European leg of their tour and had traveled to 14 different countries during that time.

Greg didn’t look at his musical endeavors as something to have him tour the world or bring him fame. He just wanted to play drums. It knocked down many doors for him. He has been on tour with not only Kiss, but Motorhead, and Merciful Fate as well.

At almost 65 years old, Greg has slowed down and spends his time, especially with the pandemic still looming, teaching at Board Of Your Flooring with 18 students, currently. Greg is often asked how he’s still doing drumming at his age. He feels that it is more than a drug. Music is that thing that drives you, yet makes you feel so at ease.

From touring with some of the biggest names in rock music history to still come back to Brantford and give back to those who want to learn what allowed him to travel to places he never would’ve imagined is what truly makes Greg a Hometown Hero.