Marilyn Stoffelsen - Feeding the Elderly || Hometown Hero

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit us all pretty hard in many different ways. No group of people was hit harder by its effects more than the elderly. Marilyn Stoffleson has been working hard to be their hero during this time, ensuring that they get proper meals when it is hard for them to go outdoors and see other people.

Marilyn has a great history of providing for those in need throughout Brantford. Several years ago, she joined a program to help feed the homeless while still operating her hair salon, KML Studios.

When the pandemic closed her studio in March of 2020, Marilyn thought about her grandparents and how she would’ve worried about them desperately if they were still with us. It got her to think about other people’s grandparents, specifically how they need healthy meals. She wanted to help.

Marilyn called on a couple of her great friends, and they began serving hot meals every Sunday to seniors in the community. It started with ten seniors, and they have grown to serve 40 seniors a hot dinner, dessert, and a small conversation every Sunday. It may not be exactly how they remember it, but they get to see a friendly face and enjoy a hot, healthy meal.

Along with her friends, Marilyn started a fundraiser and auction that has been well received throughout Brantford. Donations came in several amounts that allowed this program to grow from the 10 in the community to the 40 they currently serve.

If you want to donate to Marilyn’s program to help the seniors throughout Brantford, email her at